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7 Day house, Ohope
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7 Day Trips

This option includes a house on the beach at Ohope as a base. From there we will make trips out to various spots around the Bay of Plenty waters.

We pick the 6 best days of the week to freedive, with the worst weather day as our break. We freedive White Island, Whale Island and The Rurima Islands from Whakatane, and tow the boat to Tauranga to access Mayor Island, Astrolabe, Motiti Island, Plate Island and Schooner Rocks.
A week long trip can give a great view of most of the freediving in the Bay of Plenty. It can also add a few species to our target list that we can't get at White Island including Giant Boar fish, Red Crayfish, Paua and Snapper.

The seven day trip, for 6 divers including the boat for 6 days and the house for 7 days costs NZ$1750.00 per diver.

For all trips we have weights to loan.