Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Can you organise overnight accommodation in Whakatane?
A:For a day trip to White Island spearfishing the divers usually show up the night before and stay the night at our house with us. We start the day at 5.30am with breakfast provided by us and be on the water by 6.30am.

Q:How long does it take to reach White Island from Whakatane?
A:The 30 nautical mile boat ride to White Island takes just over an hour and divers are usually in the water just before 8am.

Q:Can we dive the Volkner Rocks Marine Reserve?
A:Spearfishing is not permitted, but we can certainly explore and take pictures.

Q:What fish species can we target?
A:At White Island we can target Kingfish, Trevalli, Pink and Blue Mao Mao, Butterfish, Blue Moki, Porae, Tarakihi, Marlin and Golden Snapper. There are also Packhorse Crayfish at White. Elsewhere we can target Snapper, Red Crayfish, John Dory, Giant Boar Fish and Scallops.

Q:Are inshore trips available?
A:Yes. We can go to the Rurima Islands 12 nautical miles from Whakatane, and Whale Island, just 5 nautical miles out.

Q:What happens to the fish we catch?
A:We don't target any fish that can't be eaten and you are welcome to take your fish home with you.