Joe junior with a Blue Mao Mao double shot! click to see full size
Joe Junior.
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Spearfish Guiding - Worldwide!

If you are after an experienced Guide for your trip, Joe Burke is your man!

Joe has worked or dived in many locations around the world and has gained the experience that you need when chasing those big fish.

Joe is a very approachable guy who will do his best to ensure you have a great time. He will put in the effort to help you realise your goals. Joe has a range of techniques and strategies for hunting various species which will increase your chances of landing the fish you target or getting that perfect photograph. Your diving experience will be enhanced knowing that you have an expert diver, with a wealth of experience and a thorough knowledge of rescue techniques, keeping a watchful eye on you and at the same time providing you with tips and techniques to improve your comfort and safety.

Joe also has expert contacts worldwide, to make sure that you arrive in the right place at the right time.

Naomi Kielly with a Dogtooth Tuna shot in the Coral Sea Australia, click to see full size
Naomi Kielly, Coral Sea.
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If you are looking for a hard working spearfishing guide with awesome fish sense and shark sense, then Joe Burke from New Zealand is the man you are looking for. On our last two extended trips to the Coral Sea, Naomi and I have had the good fortune of Joe's company and expertise while hunting Dog Tooth Tuna and reef species. We captured many first time fish on both trips with the solid team work that Joe is renowned for.
Hunting in open water such as the Coral Sea requires a qualified berley man as team director to chop berley, work the flasher, report to the team and fend sharks while all other eyes are searching for that big fish from the deep. The man riding berley has to be confident with sharks and that is how Joe was named THE SHARK WHISPERER!
Joe's quiet confidence and enthusiasm is must for any team.
By Kell Kielly

Mike Scott with a giant Trevalli shot in the Coral Sea Australia, click to see full size
Mike Scott, Coral Sea.
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Joe, thanks for sharing your spearfishing knowledge and for staying between me and the sharks in the blue water.
Mike Scott

Guiding prices start at NZ$300 a day plus expenses. The more demanding and dangerous the diving the more it's going to cost.