Joe Burke, 42kg Kingfish, White Island 2006
Joe Burke. 42kg Kingfish
White Island 2006

White Island

White Island is our main destination in the Bay of Plenty. It is a fantastic location for freediving.

Whakaari (White Island) is New Zealand's most active volcano. It is located 48 kilometres off the coast of Whakatane and is one the worlds best diving destinations.

Good Spearfishing for Yellowtail, Kingfish starts in early October or November and finishes in late March to May depending on the year. Water visibility is usually best from late December until May ranging from 20 metres to 40 metres.
Every season at least one lucky spearo shoots a kingfish over 40 kilo's while diving from our boat. Rene Rojas still holds the record of 46.2 kilo's shot on March 1st 2001 diving from our old boat.
The rule for charter boat operators is one kingfish per diver per day. On a good day everyone can get a kingfish before noon. Once you have your big yellowtail there are still many good species to hunt at White Island including Golden Snapper, Pink and Blue Maomao, Trevally, Blue Moki, Tarakihi, Porae, Butterfish, Red Pigfish, and the occasional Marlin that we have seen but never had a shot at. There are also Packhorse Crayfish at White Island.

We have in depth local knowledge at White Island and the surrounding areas so we can put you in the best place to hunt the fish species you want to target. We customize our trips to cater to your needs and all skill levels, including Joe Burke as your personal in-water guide. Joe has been training divers from 6 to 60 years of age in free diving and spearfishing techniques for over 25 years. These techniques can vastly improve beginners and/or intermediate spearos dive time and depth. Underwater strategies for hunting targeted fish species are also included.

For a spearfishing day trip to White Island, the divers usually show up the night before and stay the night at our house with us. We start the day at 5.30am with breakfast provided by us and get on the water by 6.30am.
The 30 nautical mile boat ride to White Island takes just over an hour and divers are usually in the water just before 8am. We spend the day freediving with a break for lunch provided by us.
We try to be back at the dock just before 5pm. Then it's home to clean and pack dive gear and cut and bag fish.

With 6 divers the price is from NZ$250.00 per diver.

Check out the current status of White Island on the GeoNet site.